Reminders: Tipping is Customary

As the temperatures drop and the last days of our little Indian Summer here seem ever farther behind us, we figured it was time for a little thank you to our tipsters. You are our lifeblood. You keep us afloat with all of your intel, rumormongering, photos, and gossip spilling. Thanksmuch. For all you newcomers, here's a quick primer on how you can get involved in all the fun:

The Tipline: Did you spot a new wine bar sprouting up on your block? Have an idea of what the hell is going on at 10 Downing? Perhaps you overheard a certain chef talking about a new project, or maybe you just need to vent in the Eater Complaints Dept. All this and more is very welcome to the tipline; just drop a note to Photos—from plywood to shutter signage to DOH missives—are especially encouraged. Anonymity guaranteed, of course.

The Eater Flickr Pool: For you photographers, all types of restaurant-related snaps—yes, even food porn (it's the one place you'll find food porn around these parts)—are encouraged to be shared in the Eater Flickr Pool. We can't be patrolling the streets everywhere at once, so we like to scan the pool to see what we've missed. Every once in a while, we'll even regularly highlight our favorites, like the above shot of Bamn, in roundups like this. Joining is easy: just create a free Flickr account (or log in if you have one), click on the Eater Flickr Pool along the right-hand side of this very page and select "Join This Pool." Then, you can go wild and assign all relevant restaurant-centric shots to the pool. And now, back to your regularly-scheduled programming.For more stories from Eater, go to

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