Recession Hits Puppy Economy

You know what shouldn't rhyme with "recession," but does? "Discretion," because this economy nails everyone without any. Tough times are seemingly hitting all -- the employers, the workers, the children. Everyone's getting it; but now, the least complicit party and most sacred of all demographics is finally feeling the hurt as well: the puppy. Via Racked, a West Village pet store is now offering 20% off of their pups. How can you put a (sale) price on a canine life?

Whereas a living, breathing, scratching, barking dog used to be a fashion accessory, we’re afraid about what’ll happen to them if they don’t soon find homes. Also, via someone’s blog—”Money To Live”—a tale of selling puppies (after their parents were inspired to buy a dog post-Marley and Me): “When the pups were born, most were already claimed by their new owners, who had paid a deposit for a Labradoodle puppy. Several families backed out and forfeited their $250 deposits, though, because they could not pay the remaining $500 of the adoption fee.” This is SAD.

That said, there’re still cheap, recession-proof ways to get dogs. You could steal them, but puppy-stealing is EVIL. We suggest and endorse dog adoption. All dogs need homes, but dogs who people have already rejected really need homes—especially in big cities—and they’ll probably be way more grateful to you for giving them lives than some spoiled-ass $1,000 puppy. Think of it like thrifting for clothing! Sure, you could just buy a faux-vintage ‘81 Dead Kennedys shirt from Trunk Ltd, but isn’t it so much better if you unearth the real thing? Yes, we know puppies are far cuter (they do funny things, like fall asleep!), but everybody wants a puppy. Don’t be like everyone; when things are bad in the world, friends aren’t limited to the new, shiny, and cute.

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