Reader Rant: Duane Reade Express Thinks Your Coupons Are Worthless

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Mention Duane Reade to certain people and smoke will start pouring out their ears. The chain might not actually be worse than CVS or Walgreens, but the fact that it only exists in New York makes its moments of incompetence seem so much worse somehow, almost like it's personal. At least, that's how we explain the rage coming from this reader over a non-discounted roll of toilet paper at the new Duane Reade Express on 27th Street and Third Avenue:

My wife and I finally ventured in there yesterday to purchase Cottonelle toilet paper that is on sale this week as per the DR sales circular. They charged me the regular price for the TP and I asked, "Isn't that on sale?"

The DR drone behind the counter said DR express doesn't have sale prices because they don't have a Pharmacy or Photo counter. Like idiots, we bought the TP anyway (once I got home, I said I am going to go return it out of principle). Now I check the online version of the DR circular and sure enough it says "Excludes Duane Reade Express Stores."

So basically I will never step foot in this DR Express store again....Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly have more contempt for Duane Reade, they go ahead and surprise me.

Moral of the story: Don't go to Duane Reade Express if you want to buy things on sale. Also, some people get very angry when separated from their Cottonelle. · Gramercy's Latest Duane Reade Is Very Special [Racked]For more stories from Racked, go to

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