Warm Vegetable Salad

from Chef Michael Anthony, Gramercy Tavern

Raw Vegetables
1 piece Sunchoke, peeled and sliced paper thin
1 piece Radish  – sliced paper thin
1 piece Turnip disks – sliced paper thin
1 pinch Microgreens

Yogurt Walnut Dressing
1 cup Plain yogurt
1 cup Mixed herbs, chopped
Parsley to taste
Tarragon to taste
Dill to taste
½ Tbsp Parmesan cheese, shaved
1 ½ Tbsp Walnut oil
1 ½ Tbsp Olive oil, Riviera
½ Tbsp Cilantro syrup
½ Tbsp Toasted walnuts, whole
Salt to taste
Lemon juice

Combine all ingredients except lemon juice until well mixed. Finish with lemon juice just before assembling dish.

To Assemble
Salt and pepper, 2 tbs chopped herbs
Yogurt walnut dressing
1 tsp butter

Heat warm farro with butter. Season with salt, pepper and chopped herbs, to taste. Arrange cooked vegetables over and around farro. Place raw vegetables over and around farro. Drizzle with yogurt walnut dressing. Serve immediately.

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