Rashida Jones on “Monogamy”

Rashida Jones, who co-stars alongside Chris Messina in the forthcoming flick "Monogamy," says she and her fictional fiancé had a blast on set.

“He’s such a focused actor, so I tried my best to make him break at times. He’s so good at not breaking!”

Jones confessed to Niteside: “It became my goal to try to make him laugh and to ruin takes.”

Jones, as well as Messina and fellow cast member Meital Dohan, were out Monday night at the IFC Film Center for a screening of their drama, in theaters Friday. Justin Long and Aubrey Plaza were also in attendance.

Niteside asked Jones about the theme of fidelity in the film.

“I think it’s reflective of a common endemic thing right now," she said. "These couples, 28-29, they’re on the verge of getting married. They start questioning ‘Why am I getting married? How will my life change because I’m getting married? What does it mean?’”

Jones said the film does a good job representing what it's like to be that age "and to have all these questions about your future and commitment."

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