Rice-Stuffed Chicken Gets Much-Deserved Shout-out

We're always too busy devouring Rainbow Café's fantastic chicken wings stuffed with sticky rice and Chinese sausage to bother photographing them, but Serious Eats has kindly done the honors.

Blogger Gordon Mark plans to return for breakfast at the Hong Kong-style hole-in-the-wall, but let him be warned -- as amazing as it is that you can score Eggo Minis pancakes, two eggs, sausages, and condensed-milk coffee for $3.50, the breakfast items are pretty oily and lackluster.

Those chicken wings, however, rank among our favorite cheap eats in the city. Also worth trying nearby, though they're ridiculously salty: the crispy-fried chicken bits that Quickly (home of the cream-cake machine) serves in a pouch, with wooden sticks for pickin'.

Sticky Rice Stuffed Chicken Wings at Rainbow Cafe in Chinatown [Serious Eats]

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