Monday AM Clickage

· American Eagle signage up in Times Square [Lost City]
· Man robbed Dylan's Candy Bar of $7000 in the middle of the night [NYDN]
· Brooklynites just rabid for Trader Joe's opening [NYDN]
· J.Crew selling $52 shirt with logo for nonexistent Bushwick bar, Bushwickers not amused [NYT]

· Ellen DeGeneres the new face of CoverGirl [NYT]
· Are we seeing the end of fast fashion? [IHT]
· Early photos of the Google Android phone [CrunchGear]
· Chief exec at QVC: network's "best days yet to come" [NYT]
· New colognes exude machismo; still have names like "212 Sexy Men" [NYM]

· Ripped-looking Juliette Lewis walked the runway in Milan [WWD, subscription req]
· Larry Gagosian, the guy who has shown Damien Hirst since 1996, no show at recent auction [NYM]

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