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Best Bets Daily: Fake snake pumps from Rafe
Brooklyn Based: Aspiring Fort Greene bookstore owner Jessica Stockton Bagnulo
DailyCandy: Weekend events: Blue perfume, a lecture on candy history DailyCandy Kids: Not updated
Gen Art Pulse:
In Dear Zachary, a documentarian investigates his friend's murder
MUG: Williamsburg art fair Prints Gone Wild
Refinery29: Women's coats under $300 (pictured)
Thrillist: Meet In Between maps restaurants, bars halfway between you and friends
UrbanBaby Daily: Halloween events at Stuy-Town, in the 'Burg and UWS
VSL: Not yet updated
WWWD: Mandy Moore's Preen cutout dress, Lindsay Lohan's Louboutin bootiesFor more stories from Racked, go to

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