Critical Shopping: Cintra Wilson Not a Sephora Fan

Cintra Wilson is not a big Sephora fan. In her review of the beauty chain's Soho store for the Times she describes it as a "Wal-Mart/duty-free shop" and calls it the "Starbucks of makeup." In short, the piece is a fantastic takedown. She really makes the Sephora shopping experience sound gross: "Sephora has such nonstop traffic and is such a hands-on finger-painting studio of test powders and open palettes of sticky red matter that there is a constant mess; one display bleeds in greasy, opalescent smears and snail trails of gelatinous pink goo into the next; confused and hapless boyfriends stumble around in the harsh light, squeezing in their shoulders, trying not to touch anything." [NYT]For more stories from Racked, go to

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