Above the Fray: Delman Draws the Devotees to Chelsea

If there's one thing about Delman sample sales that truly set them apart from other shoe sales in the city, it's the loyalty of the fans. Delman, a respected brand since the 1920s, claims groupies of all ages and personal styles and it seems as though most of them showed up to the preview of the sale yesterday evening in the Savvy space on West 18th Street.

After checking your coat and bag (come with only your wallet for fastest entry), piles of the trademark gingham shoeboxes await you, just asking to be pillaged. They contain everything from on-trend watersnake sandals and gladiators to the classic quilted flats and low-heel, work-appropriate sandals.

For the hardcore Delmanites, here are some style names you can expect to find at the sale: Jesse, Janice, Stacey, Corie, Sabra, Uli, Sapphir, Trevi, Sandee, Betsie, Mercedes, Jab, Makayla, Laine...the list just goes on and on. Now consider that the prices for these styles online average between $250-$320, while the sale has a strictly 3-level pricing tier: $89, $99 or $109, although most we saw were $89.

Just beware of the extra room in the back containing $45-$30 samples: it'll most likely be wiped out of the good stuff by today, so we recommend focusing your attentions on the main floor. We officially sanction shopping this excellent sale, as anyone who dropped by last night, and subsequently dropped some dollars, would say as well.

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