RackedWire: Muji Wins a Design Award; Malia Mills Will Design You a Swimsuit

[Images via Muji]

JAPAN—Muji, apparently deciding that one adorable tiny award-winning pre-fab house just wasn't enough, went and designed another one. Which promptly won another award. Muji, sometimes we hate how much we love you. [Spoon Tamago]

EVERYWHERE—From now until December 31, swimwear line Malia Mills will make you a custom bathing suit. You pick the fabric and the style, and they'll tailor it to you, thereby solving two universal problems: How to find a swimsuit that fits, and what to get yourself for the holidays this year. For more details, call Fit Specialist Jen at 1-800-685-3479 x.203. [Malia Mills]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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