RackedWire: Cocliclo Goes Green in Nolita; Woodley & Bunny Has Another ‘Burg Party

NOLITA—French shoemakers Coclico have revamped their store and decided to use this fresh start to go green. Their fall line of heels, boots and booties is made of regionally produced leather tanned with vegetable dye, as well as recyclables like cork and wood, and recycled sock foam. They've also bought carbon offsets to atone for all the emissions from their office this year. [Racked Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURGWoodley & Bunny, the hair salon that's also a boutique that's also an apothecary, is having yet another party next Tuesday, October 14. This time, both men's and women's fall collections are 15% off. 490 Driggs Avenue, cocktails and a DJ as per usual. [Racked Inbox]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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