RackedWire: A '90s Flashback; Williamsburg Fashion Weekend; Hamster Races

[Image via TONY]

EAST VILLAGE—If you've walked into an Urban Outfitters lately, you know the '90's are back. Because it's Friday, please enjoy these high grunge looks from the Time Out New York archives. Not a flannel shirt in the bunch! [TONY]

WILLIAMSBURGNext Friday and Saturday is Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. Eight local designers, all with an eco-friendly or small-run or otherwise localist approach to fashion, will show their wares at Monster Island Building, Secret Project Robot, which sounds like a Godzilla movie but is actually a building at 112 River St (at Metropolitan Ave.) [Racked Inbox]

EVERYWHERE—Did you know that PETCO's Hamster Derby was "increasingly popular"? The race, taking place in PETCOs across the country, features hamsters in balls racing down an eight-foot track. Last year 11,000 hamsters competed. (While we are by no means anti-hamster, we still find that an unsettling mental image. But impressive!) The winner gets a Hamtrac Circle Track, so s/he can start training immediately for next year. [Racked Inbox]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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