Rachel Comey x Urban Outfitters, Part II

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Beloved (Brooklyn!) indie Rachel Comey launched her own line in 2001, and it's steadily grown ever since -- to the point that now most fashion editors obsess daily over her comfy-but-cute shoes (with tassels!) and laid-back clothing. 

Last spring, she partnered with Urban Outfitters to launch the collaborative line, "Contributor" -- a collection centered around her cheekily-chic accessories -- and this spring it's back.

Here's the rundown: There are four pieces -- again, all accessories. Expect leather moccasins,  booties, canvas-and-leather oxfords. Plus for bag-aholics, there's an adorable, $68 satchel (pictured left and also sold in solid ivory). A few of the pieces have filtered into the site now, and the rest will soon follow, so keep your eyes on Urban Outfitters' website for the complete set.

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