“Queen of the Night” Amy Sacco Hitting Reality TV

Do you love Amy Sacco? Have you been dying to know about every facet of her life? Bravo seems to think so. After shuttering Bungalow 8 and claiming that it is so totally not closed and is being renovated even though no work order has been submitted (maybe they are just waiting for more fake plastic palm trees?), Sacco is hurling herself back front of a public too bored to even notice that her club may have closed, with, what else, a reality show.

Page Six reports that a pilot for a potential series that follows Sacco as she launches a new venue on 17th street will be premiering on Bravo, the network that has brought us such guilty pleasures as Real Housewives and America's Next Top Model. "I think it's so much more than a pilot. It's an incredible narrative of Amy as the queen of night," says friend and executive producer Michael Flutie. The night has been pretty dark for Sacco lately with the closing of Lot 61 and Bette which has led, reportedly to some serious financial strain. 
If nothing else, reality shows are good at making previously restricted worlds accessible to the masses. With that in mind, maybe the show will appeal to all those who haven't been able to get Sacco's door policy, but have been just dying to see what all the fuss is about. Bugalow 8 has been considerably harder to get in sinice it's been closed.

Which raises a good question: does anyone actually care?  The series creator, Charlie Corwin believes Sacco's personality is large enough to carry the show: "I think people will love to watch Amy, and they'll love her for all the same reasons that everybody else does. She's incredibly charismatic and funny and smart and dynamic." Oh good, we were afraid it was going to be one those shallow shows about pretty people partying.

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