Publisher Keeps ‘Vogue' Brand on Trend

Tom Florio, ideas man.

Print advertising is out. Online video advertising is in! Because just like fashionistas, advertisers want to be trendy too. Online TV has done wonders for Vogue, whose ad pages are down but which still rakes in cash with the help of new Internet show Model.Live, which has been viewed more than a million times. Advertisers like Express, which sponsors the show, are drawn to the medium because they can do things like plop an online store next to the TV screen. Interestingly, the editorial staff of Vogue — Anna Wintour included — had nothing to do with conceiving the show. It's the brainchild of Vogue publisher Tom Florio, who, Forbes reports, is "worried about keeping the brand relevant for the next generation of readers." He conceived Model.Live with his 16-year-old daughter in mind.

"I'm comfortable with it, because I feel that the principals of what we're doing are based on the same principals as the brand," he says. If Wintour objected to the content, he says he would kill it. A Conde Nast spokesperson said that Wintour understands Vogue.TV is run by the business department and stays informed about its programs. Wintour is attending Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan and was unavailable for comment.

So the publisher of Vogue is maintaining Vogue's relevancy more so than La Wintour? We suppose it's not that shocking. Can you really imagine Anna indulging in a little YouTube over lunch?

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