Project Runway User's Guide: Hit Me Kenley One More Time

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Last night, Project Runway borrowed an old America's Next Top Model gimmick and dressed all the contestants up as rock stars. Each designer had to dress another designer in a look inspired by a musical genre. Suede had Jerell as his model and rock as his theme; Kenley tried to turn Leanne into a hip-hop diva; Korto made Suede go punk; Jerell discovered that Kenley was born to dress like a pop star; and Leanne tried with limited success to make Korto into a country singer. The results weren't stunning, though they were probably better than guest judge LL Cool J's line for Sears. How things broke down:

Biggest surprise: Suede is a classically trained cellist, so he thinks he's "definitely not punk rock." Dude, what color is your mohawk again?

Worst attempted catchprase: "Madonna, I'm ready to dress you up in Suede!" (Guess who that came from? Actually, all things considered, it was rather cute.)

Feud of the week: Kenley had a tough time making a hip-hop outfit for Leanne—she knew better than to do some sort of Kriss Kross baggy jeans ensemble, but she didn't seem able to come up with much of an alternative (maybe because her example of hip-hop was Alicia Keys.) When Tim criticized her look, she snapped at him, and he snapped right back, albeit in his kind and mentorly way. "I'm here to support you!" he said. "You just think I'm being snarky." Paranoia: When you think Tim Gunn is out to get you.

Most annoying contestant: Kenley. She did look adorable (and exactly like Britney Spears) in her pop star outfit, though.

Best smackdown: Maybe it was the delivery, but we LOL'd when Kors, trying to explain what was wrong with Leanne's country outfit, finally said "It was a little too much like a woman going out to eat ribs." Specific!

This week's loser: Suede, whose uncanny turn as a model didn't make up for his boring, vaguely Lenny Kravitz look for Jerell.

This week's winner: Korto, whose punk outfit for Suede turned him into some sort of nihilistic demon in eye shadow. Didn't he look more goth than punk, though?

Designers who were robbed: Jerell was the only designer who stayed completely true to his genre and made something cute, but then, Korto constructed a pair of jeans in less than 24 hours, so we think this decision was fair.
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