Project Runway Video Game for Wii Set to Launch March 2

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Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Tim Gunn will all lend their voices to the hit fashion show's video game incarnation for Wii, which is making a play to bring young gals into the video gaming fold.

WWD reports that the game actually stands to move into the lead spot of "a major new frontier for the $20 billion, testosterone-driven U.S. video game industry: 18- to 25-year-old women." However, producers of video games have apparently found that (in a little bit of an ego blow to us gals), ladies only respond to video games that are "easy to understand" (ouch) and less violent. Enter: fashion!

The "Project Runway" game, set to hit stores on March 2, will take players through the same paces that the show's contestants endure -- picking fabrics, creating intriguing pieces and collections, and working on a deadline. As IMG's Peter Levy put it to WWD: "What we are doing isn't somebody wins and somebody loses. It is more of simulation."

Levy even dropped the bomb that there's a potential "fashion week game" in the works. Essentially, it sounds like the gaming world is trying to bring "Fashion Plates" (the '80s fashion game we all knew and loved) into the world of video, which isn't a bad idea. That said, as Levy pointed out, these aren't win-and-lose games -- fashion is incredibly subjective, and we have a feeling the fashion gamer movement ends up looking more like Cher's virtual closet in "Clueless" than "Halo Wars."

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