Project Runway Snags A-List Guest Star Nicole Kidman for Premiere

Nicole Kidman, who's perched at the tippity-top of Hollywood A-list actors, not to mention a fashion icon in her own right, will present the all-stars their challenge on tonight's Project Runway All-Star Challenge Season Premiere.

It's been done before, but having the  chance to design a red carpet gown for Nicole Kidman to wear is truly a big deal.  The statuesque Oscar winner has blazed trails in Dior and Chanel couture, as well as, more recently Balenciaga and L'Wrenn Scott - you get the picture - so to have a comparativey semi-pro designer add his orher name to that list? Wow! 

It will be interesting to see who will play it safe and who will take a risk, and in turn, what Nicole will choose.  Based on tremendous red bows and sable-lined chartreuse of the past, we're putting our money on the risk.  Popcorn is ready.

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