Project Runway Alums Get Spinoff Show

On the Road with Austin & Santino starring two of Project Runway's more memorable contestants, Santino Rice and Austin Scarlett, will be the newest Project Runway spin-off to launch on Lifetime.

The show will follow the two designers as they travel across the country to small towns where the colorful twosome will make over women celebrating special milestones. We're predicting a lot of melodrama, a lot of makeup, and a lot of bad humor at the expense of country folk—all in the name of high ratings.

Hot on the high heels of Heidi Klum and husband Seal, who have their own show, Love's Divine, set to debut on Lifetime as well, this newest PR spin-off seems like a desperate attempt to inject life back into the competition-based reality series (which has dipped in ratings since switching over to Lifetime from the Bravo network). By showcasing two of its more compelling cast members who are already on a first-name basis with viewers, it's almost as if the show is trying to remind audiences of just how universally-watched the series used to be.

We've been loyal followers of PR from the get-go, so we'll give On the Road with Austin & Santino a chance. We're hoping it'll prove cynics—ourselves included—wrong. If not, then auf wiedersen, boys.

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