Prince Says He Doesn’t Like to Be Pitted Against Michael Jackson: DJ Spinna

Mawuse Ziegbe

Prince doesn't like being compared to the King of Pop, according to DJ Spinna who played classics and remixes from the pop icons at the Prince Versus Michael Jackson Soul Slam at Crash Mansion over the weekend.

“I met Prince and we spoke about this whole versus thing and he’s not a big fan of the idea of it being ‘versus,’” DJ Spinna told Niteside at the long-running party where stars such as Spike Lee, Ed Lover and Fab 5 Freddy made an appearance Saturday.

“After Michael’s death we decided to call the party Prince and Michael ... because it’s not really fair,” said DJ Spinna. “I think people are more keen to hearing his music and celebrating it even more. I can feel the energy in the room every time I play his music … way more than before.”

DJ Spinna is also behind the Wonderfull parties in honor of Stevie Wonder, who once attended one of the bashes. If Prince ever stops by a Prince Versus Michael Jackson party, DJ Spinna said he knows exactly what he would play for the pop god.

“I think if he actually showed up I would have to get a little deep and go beyond the pop hits. He’s a real musician … he’s real serious about his craft,” said DJ Spinna. “Maybe if it’s a cut that everyone doesn’t necessarily know off-hand, I would do it for him, just to let him know that I know what time it is.”

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