PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Central Park Before-and-After

Location: 15 West 63rd Street #37A
Asking: $10,000,000

We were drawn to this 4BR condo in the Park Laurel near Central Park West because of its Architectural Digest pedigree and fun before-and-after floorplans. According to the listing, the gut renovation was done by architect Lee Mindel. While there were a couple close guesses on the price, the only direct hit had to be disqualified. That guess: "If it was in Chicago, an awesome city, then it would be worth $10MM." Well, last time we checked, Grant Park wasn't Central Park so whatevs, dude! Anyhoo, with the luxury market entering uncharted waters, it'll be interesting to see what this one (in the shadow of 15 CPW) sells for. Until next week, the PriceSpotter bids you adieu!
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