Pot, Kettle, Black? JE Englebert Plans to Sue for Tackiness

Photo: Getty Images

Sigh, we couldn’t make it through the week without another press release from JE Englebert. This one isn’t about his existential dilemma about bottle service, but about his plan to sue (with the help of “a high-priced lawyer,” no less!) the Gramercy Starck building, where he lives, for installing a McDonald’s. Apparently Englebert was totally psyched to score an apartment close to “his hotspots in West Chelsea,” but “his elation turned to dismay quickly when the building's management allowed a storefront McDonald's to open. Is a tacky fast food joint the right image for a high end luxury building?” A little context here: This is the guy who named his bar Retox, mmmkay? But he has a point. Don’t the Gramercy Starck people realize, from the distinguished work at Suzie Wong, Myst, and Prime, that his personal motto is “keep it classy”?

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