Pocket Guide to ‘The Real World: Brooklyn'

It's heeeeere! 'The Real World: Brooklyn' premieres tonight at 10PM. Here's what you need to know before the show.

With hours to go until tonight's Red Hook-filmed Real World: Brooklyn premiere (10PM, MTV), here's a handy rundown of all the intel we've gathered in the frenzied lead-up to the airing of the 21st season:

  1. The trailer promised crying galore. Also: Rats!
  2. Token tranny Katelynn has been every bit the hot mess the producers could have hoped for, including her furious screeching at reporters ("I don't talk to the f***ing press!") and her furious blogging about Gothamist (which she berates for its "syntactically decrepit castigation." What?)
  3. The 21st season is gay. Like, way gay. "Gayer than a particularly gay picnic basket," you might say.
  4. The castmembers were not impressed with our fair city: "Obviously Manhattan is a variety of buildings that are all tall or whatever..."
  5. ... and yet four of them have decided they're never leaving.
  6. Gothamist went inside the loft and posted a comprehensive gallery of snapshots.
  7. They got a teeny-tiny dog and named it Brooklyn. Just like Posh Spice's kid.
  8. The Times doesn't completely hate it, actually.
  9. The second filming ended, furniture from the loft ended up on Craigslist (did you score one of the IKEA beds in which the RWers got it on?)
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