Plywood Update: Petraske's LIC Spot Ready to Go, Funds Frozen

Last week blog liQcity sought out Sasha Petraske's new Long Island City Bar, Dutch Kills. They found it, got a shot of the exterior, and rustled up some new details:

"...think 1890’s pre-Prohibition era: dark wood, sconces, checker-tile floor with mosaic insignia, ice hand-cut from blocks (Petraske signature), and emphasis on the classic cocktails. Long, chiseled wooden bar and cafe style seating. Hungry? Not to worry, they’re partnered up with Sage."

They set the opening date for November, and Petraske could hit that mark. However, a tipster recently overheard some somewhat troubling news from the eccentric barman while at his other venture, White Star:

"He says they're ready to go on everything in Long Island City, but they are waiting for money from an investor whose money is frozen outside the US. He says he is also personally a victim of the credit freeze and can't get a loan. Once they get $20,000 they're in business."

Oh just twenty grand? Not great for a man with another spot—Mercury Dime—that is still far from being financially viable (though the yearly dues for his M&H members might help). Any investors out there looking to get out of the stock market and into the volatile yet thrilling world of

New York

Queens nightlife—here's your opportunity.
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