Stars Hold Court at Thom Bar for “Please Give” After Party

042810 please give after party p1
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It was a purely social affair last night at Thom Bar for the after party of "Please Give," a small film about the moral dilemma a Manhattan family faces while waiting for an elderly woman to die so that they can take over her apartment (ah, the cross we real-estate-savvy-yet-self-aware New Yorkers must bare!).

Whizzing past the assembled press and making straight for the bar, cast members freely imbibed on both smartwater and cocktails on the second floor of the Thompson Street Hotel.

Catherine Keener was quick to arrive, comfortably holding court in the corner of the wood paneled bar for most of the evening, while co-star (and onscreen hubby) Oliver Platt -- offsetting the formality of a slick suit with a pair of dazzling vintage Nikes -- arrived fashionably late, greeted by a locust-like swarm of flash bulbs.

Hors d'oeuvres were dolled out, drinks were downed and slinky cocktail dresses disappeared amid the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.

By mid-party, an afro-sporting Mark Ruffalo showed up, joining an equally disheveled Ron Livingstone, and the two made small talk in the intimate space's far corner with a small crew of industry insiders.

And then, as quickly as it had formed, the party dispersed, with guests vacating the premises to presumably go work out thanks to all the electrolytes pumping through their systems.

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