Pin-Up Girl Go Go Amy: It's All About the Tease

Burlesque performer and pin-up girl go go Amy said the enduring allure of the coy, curvy pin-up models -- from Marilyn Monroe to  Bettie Page -- lies in what isn't revealed. 

"I think in terms of just the overall aesthetic it's all about what you don't show," go go Amy told Niteside at the Pretty Things Peepshow Pin-Up Class in Brooklyn on Sunday. 
"It's all about just the ... tease and flirt of it all as opposed to ... putting it all out there. That's the thing that's always attracted me to it and I think that's also the thing that has attracted a lot of men to it as well."
Women flocked to the class, which is sponsored by go go Amy and Pretty Things Peep Show partner Bettina May, who tour the U.S. with their burlesque show and pin-up class and are set to release a DVD, "How To Be A Pin-Up" this May.
"I like that vintage beauty is very practical," said go go Amy of the class in which women learn basics from how to keep red lipstick on to how to place their hair in Victory Rolls.
"It's something that you can do that's very dramatic but it's also very quick and easy to do. It only takes me 15 minutes to get ready as opposed to 50."
Though setting one's hair in rollers and snapping on garters may seem tedious to most women, go go Amy said capturing the sassy vintage vibe can be easy.
"You can be old or young, you can be a more voluptuous lady or you can be quite a skinny girl and it's still a look that's going to look cute on you. It's beauty that's available to so many different women," said go go Amy. "It's kind of like embracing your inner-bombshell."
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