Pigeons Share Video, Play Big Snow Buffalo Lodge Tonight


The Bronx duo of Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin, better known as Pigeons, have had a productive couple of years. They dropped two LPs in 2010 and an out-of-sight full-length called They Sweetheartstammers earlier in 2011 on Soft Abuse. A couple days ago, they put this video directed by Camilla Padgitt-Coles on the web.

Using slowed thermal footage of a dancer at work (I think?) Padgitt-Coles crafts malleable tracers and amorphous blobs into something sweet and shaky. Got a minute? Got six and a half? Got eternity?

"The Welcome" departs from the acerbic percussion norm of They Sweetheartstammers in its gentle up-and-down bounce. But hey if you're going to stretch the mileage of acoustic arpeggios, you may as well put some lovely vox and wobbly sitar on top. 

Big Snow Buffalo Lodge keeps the hits on coming since its opening in October. Pigeons play there Wednesday night with SoftSpot (this band rips!) Rifle Recoil and Gray Pages. Check it out!

(Via Visitation Rites)

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