PETA's Next Target: Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

PETA's upset Giorgio Armani used fur in his fall collection after he told them he wouldn't, according to the New York Post. And it's not just a fur collar here and there — Armani designed floral-printed fur coats, fur-hemmed skirts, and fur-trimmed jackets. But the best part of his collection? Fur coats for babies. It might seem impractical to drape fur over a person who could spit up or drool at any moment, but let's be real — they're warm, and those plastic stroller bags are terribly unbecoming.

PETA president Dan Matthews said that tomorrow at a PETA benefit in Italy (who goes to those things?), Pamela Anderson (oh, right — her) would reveal plans to put "stars who attend Armani shows in the hot seat" and encourage them not to wear Armani creations for awards season. Jeez. Doesn't Anderson have a reality show she should be off filming? And more important, would PETA throw red paint on a baby?


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