Recession Perks: Liquidation-Sale Savings

How do you find hot holiday gifts at up to 95 percent off? One NYC shopper hit dozens (and dozens) of stores going out of business.

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Liquidation sales may underscore the grim reality that America's economy is looking sadder than Bill Murray hitting on NYU frosh at a Bushwick kegger but let's face it: Stores going out of business and drastically slashing their prices to unload inventory means major savings for we, the little people. Slate's Noreen Malone knows this, so she descended on Gotham (and Jersey City!) armed with a list of deathbed retailers to see just what kind of bargains she could nab for the folks on her list.

Big scores: freshwater pearls for less than $200, real, fat diamonds for just one month's rent, what's left at the ransacked Circuit City outposts, Sex and the City souvenirs for pennies, and… a Margaritaville "Frozen Concoction" machine marked all the way down to $172.42. Hmm. Maybe some of these stores are going out of business for a reason.

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