Penguin Prison Drops OWS-Inspired Video


In a rather serendipitous bit of timing, New York dance-rock act Penguin Prison released the Occupy Wall Street-themed video for "Don't F*** With My Money" on Tuesday.

The video was shot by director Jake Sumner, and features footage of Penguin Prison, a.k.a. Chris Glover, participating in a recent march from Zuccotti Park to Times Square.

Glover says that he wrote the falsetto-infused, snappy track before the Occupy Wall Street protests, but the ongoing protest inspired him to make a video.

Check it out here and decide for yourself if it's bandwagon-jumping or an honest attempt to spread the word.

In other news, Penguin Prison will play Mercury Lounge on Dec. 15. In other, other news you can follow NBC New York's coverage of Occupy Wall Street's forced evacuation from Zuccotti Park here.

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