Pendleton Celebrates 100 With Slew of Collabs

Pendleton has just hit its centennial, and rather than sit back and enjoy having survived a century, the company synonymous with rugged outdoor attire is forging full-steam ahead. Namely, Pendleton is freshening up its image with a partnership with Opening Ceremony.

The latter "is blending its younger styling with Pendleton fabrics for outerwear, shirts, skirts and dresses to be sold at its stores and 35 other specialty stores." And, come October, Bloomingdales will be showing its support, "putting in 'vintage' Pendleton shops in four doors... stocked with men's products inspired by the archives." And the collaborations don't stop there.

Pendleton is teaming up with "Nike, Vans and Hurley on collections," while Comme des Garçons "is modifying Pendleton men’s shirts with leather and suede enhancements." And, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the launch of the brand's iconic 49er jacket, the company is creating an 90er version "with a feminine, forward look that retains the quintessential flange shoulder, lapel collar and patch pockets." In other words, get ready for total Pendleton overload.

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