Peaches Geldof, Magazine Mogul

The teen-about-town's new title hits the scene this week

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No longer will you be able to see Peaches Geldof's bored face plastered all over the internets and go, "Wait, why is that chick famous again? Oh right -- her dad." Not content to be a sometime model, Nylon columnist, and poster girl for the lunacy of marrying young, Baby Geldof is launching a magazine! With a former GQ editor! Man, it's like the early '00s all over again.

According to The Guardian via The Observer, the mag is called Disappear Here and will be distributed this week in super-secret places that you won't know about beforehand all over New York and London, just to make you want it more.

Geldof cites rags like Vice and NME as her inspirations, calling her venture a "women's mag that appeals to men." And inside? All editorial content (like Q&As with Vivienne Westwood, prank calls to Brit right-wingers, and coverage of new bands) and no ads (those are expected to arrive with the March 2009 issue).

The GQ editor in question is James Brown - not the godfather of soul, the dude who was sacked (that's British for fired!) for including the Nazis on a "most stylish" list of the last century.

Questioned about the viability of launching print in today's un-mag-friendly economy, Brown pointed out with unintentional hilarity that Disappear Here's first issue "cost less than three first-class flights to New York."

This makes Geldof the second Brit to embark on an ill-advised print venture this week.

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