Patricia Field's HSN Line Launches

Oh good ol' HSN styling...

Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field's new collection for the Home Shopping Network went up for sale yesterday, neatly timed with yesterday's release of the Sex and the City movie on DVD (God, we kind of hate ourselves for knowing that without having any intention to buy it). And this is a sampling of items from the line. Yup, these are them. The black dress second from right is a rendition of the white flower dress Carrie wears at the opening of the movie (that's all that's left online right now — we're guessing the white sold out, God help us). The only thing we don't understand is why this flower is smaller in diameter than Carrie's and thus frumpified on this dress, which costs $149.90. And in general we take issue with how cheap the line looks since all the dresses cost about $100 to $150 a pop. Also of note, in another stroke of marketing genius, the pieces come with a subscription to Vogue. Which essentially means Vogue is now being sold on HSN. If only Anna Wintour would go on the air and shill along with Pat Field.

Patricia Field Destination Style New York [HSN]

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