Patisserie Claude Down, Perhaps Not Out

West Village: West Village favorite Patisserie Claude is currently closed for renovations. But before any of you panic, a peak inside shows they are in fact renovating, not gutting the place. Regulars have been skittish about Claude ever since a Chowhound post back in August reported that the bakery would be closing at the end of the year, so we're sure this sign isn't allaying any fears. However Serious Eats chimed in two weeks ago with some more fortunate rumormongering:

"...word of mouth has it that even though he fully intends to return to France, he will be turning the bakery over to an apprentice who will keep it open. I've heard this from more than one loyal patron, so remain hopeful that by years end, despite losing Claude (the man whom I solely associate with the best croissants in the city) there will be someone to continue upholding the standards of our local Patisserie"

No matter what is happening with the reno or with're not getting those croissants today.
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