Parts & Labor Covers Kanye

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One of Brooklyn's favorite synthy-noisy experimental bands, Parts & Labor, stopped by The A.V. Club to record a cover of Kanye West's "Runaway."

While this pairing seems cringe worthy at first -- as much we love Yeezy and Parts -- this actually is one of the more solid results of The Club's Undercover series (The Clientele's valiant attempt at "Paper Planes" just didn't, erm, take off.)

Anyway, for such a divergent sound, Parts & Labor really makes the nine-minute track their own, satisfactorily noisey, weird and epic.

Highlights include B.J. Warsaw belting out the chorus as if he were defending his life, Joe Wong playing the underside of his snare drum, and Tom Martin's slide+EBow atmospherics.

You'd almost think they claimed the original rights to the track. Check it out here and the whole archive of Undercover here.

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