Pantsless Guttenberg Ignites International Intrigue

Still a mystery, C-list actor's bare-cheeked stunt sparks A-list curiosity

We reported the other day about a video of Cocoon star and Dancing With the Stars also-ran Steve Guttenberg going semi-commando for a run in Central Park. We surmised it was some sort of viral video stunt, and asked for an explanation. It's been a few days now, and still we have none (aside from a couple of folks helpfully reminding us that the Gute showed up in drag at an Upright Citizens Brigade event back in September). What we do know is that we're not alone. The world wants answers. Literally. They're practically crying in Italy, where nudity isn't even that big a deal. The below is just a sampling from the global blogosphere. Steve Guttenberg, why do you taunt us so?

Steve Guttenberg: nackt durch New York?

Video scandalo: Steve Guttenberg corre nudo

Steve Guttenberg: l’oiseau à l’air sur vidéo?

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