Palin-Inspired Pale'n Pink Lipstick Hits the Market

A model from Alexander Wang's spring 2009 show.
Photo: Imaxtree

• The lipstick brand PitBull Mom created Republican Red and Pale'n Pink in honor of Sarah Palin. Um, too far? Or is Pale'n Pink one of the most ingenious things you've heard all day? [Kiss and Makeup ]

• A new study claims that first impressions of attractiveness improve for someone who has had Botox injections, but the same isn't true for social skills. Being wrinkle-free is better than having a social life, right? [Jezebel]

• Here's something you didn't know: Greasy hair is bad for your skin. So start showering or look forward to hairline breakouts. Sweaty Alexander Wang models, take note. [Beauty Counter/]

America Ferrera's hairstylist did an adorable retro wave for her Emmy look. So adorable we are thisclose to buying a three-quarter inch curling iron. [Spoiled Pretty]

• The Lippmann Collection named its new chocolate-brown color Maneater and its new glitter-bronze color Superstar. Even though they're named after old hip-hop songs, they're not half bad. The colors, we mean. [Blogdorf Goodman]

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