Padma Lakshmi, Amanda Hesser, and Lou DiPalo Join June Line Up at 92nd Street Y

The 92nd Street Y just released its food-focused schedule for next month and some top names will be speaking uptown. On June 1 at 8 p.m., Padma Lakshmi, food52 co-founder Amanda Hesser, chef Charlie Trotter, and writer Alexandra Leaf discuss how watching television changes the way we eat. The name of the lecture: TUBE FOOD. We're just a little skeptical about a four-hour "Staycation" to Tuscany. But you can't deny that at $65, it's cheaper than the real thing. The full schedule:


Tue, Jun 1, 8 pm, $27


Does watching culinary programming on TV make us better cooks? Or is cooking on TV just a spectator sport? Join PADMA LAKSHMI, cohost of Top Chef; food writer AMANDA HESSER; the host of PBS’s The Kitchen Sessions, CHARLIE TROTTER; KATHLEEN COLLINS, the author of Watching What We Eat: The Evolution of Television Cooking Shows; and food historian ALEXANDRA LEAF for a discussion of cooking shows, and what they tell us about ourselves as cooks, eaters and people.

Sun, Jun 6, 1-5 pm, $65


Immerse yourself in the culture of ancient Greece – on the Upper East Side. In a new series of events (look for more “Eat, Drink and Think Like…” afternoons in the fall), we invite experts to guide us through an exploration of another place and time. This afternoon, learn all about a culture that still profoundly influences our own, with sessions on the philosophy, military strategy and food of the ancient Greeks. COL. MATTHEW BOGDANOS, a military history expert who won an award for saving ancient Iraqi treasures during the war, tells the real story behind famous Greek victories, like the battle of Thermopylae, recently depicted in the film The 300. PROF. ORI SOLTES tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, but were afraid to ask. And CATHY KAUFMAN reveals that the ancient Greeks wouldn’t recognize modern Greek fare like gyros and moussaka. Conclude the day with a sample of typical ancient Greek foods.

Sun, Jun 13, 1-5 pm, $65

92Y Staycations | A DAY IN TUSCANY

The first in a new series specially curated to bring the world to your doorstep. Experience the rich pleasures of Italy, as we dive into the history, art and food of Florence and Tuscany. Begin with a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum’s celebrated collection of Renaissance Italian art: Hunter College art history professor THOMAS BEACHDEL shows you the difference between Botticelli and Bellini. Then learn how to express yourself like an Italian, as our language faculty teaches you key phrases and emphatic, appropriate gestures. End the afternoon with a decadent guided tasting of gourmet Italian food and wine, courtesy of LOU DiPAOLO, the premier provider of fine Italian food products in New York, and an expert on all 21 of Italy’s food regions.

Wed, Jun 15, 7-8:30 pm, $40

Francine Segan’s World of Tasting: HONEY: HISTORY AND GOURMET TASTING

Explore the fascinating history and many distinct flavors of honey in this unique tasting. Learn to differentiate the sublime flavors of a dozen types of honey, including French lavender, blueberry blossom, Hawaiian honey with tones of butterscotch and vanilla, and the famed tupelo honey, which comes from a flower of southern Georgia. Sharpen your palate and become a honey connoisseur.


Fri, Jun, 10:30 am-1pm, $60


Take in the splendor of the celebrated United Nations building with a private guided tour! Learn the history of this institution, and visit the storied General Assembly Hall. Afterward, enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime meal alongside United Nations members in the legendary Delegates Dining Room.

Fri, Jun 11, 1-4:30 pm, $80

Downtown Culinary Tours with Alexandra Leaf: EXTREME CHOCOLATE WALKING TOUR

Calling all chocolate lovers! Explore the delicious world of chocolate. Learn about current trends in chocolate, visit a chocolate factory and taste samples of an assortment of delectable chocolates and hot chocolate. Leaf is the author of The Impressionist’s Table and Van Gogh’s Table and teacher at the Institute of Culinary Education.

Fri Jun 18, 1-3 pm, $60


Explore the hotel that world leaders and the president of the United States have long called their home away from home in New York City in this exclusive private tour. Get an extensive backstage view of the ornate banquet halls, guest suites and food preparation areas, and then enjoy a flourishing lunch service in the elite Marco Polo Room at the hotel’s fabled Peacock Alley restaurant.

Fri, Jun 25, 1-4 pm, $35

Downtown Culinary Tours with Alexandra Leaf: THE GREAT CUPCAKE CHALLENGE: TASTE AND RATE TOUR

Taste and rate your way through the West Village and SoHo’s best cupcake offerings. With scoring sheet in hand, visit such Greenwich Village institutions as Amy’s Bread and Magnolia Bakery, as well as some rising stars of the cupcake world. Leaf is the author of The Impressionist’s Table and Van Gogh’s Table and teacher at the Institute of Culinary Education.


Tue, Jun 15, 7-9 pm, $50


Taste wines sure to keep you cool this summer. Refreshing sparklers, crisp whites, delicious rosés and barbecue-ready reds enliven your wine repertoire. Learn how to pair food with wine and how to manage serving temperature and storage during the hot months.

Wed, Jun 23, 7 pm, $50


Too often, cheese is stereotyped as a comfort food for cold weather – fondue or mac ’n’ cheese – or something to be enjoyed with hearty wines and ports. Don’t sell cheese short! It’s just as good in the summer months, with salads, fruit and wine. Get suggestions for cheeses that won’t taste heavy and for the beverages that complement them

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