Pacino Series At Film Forum

Film Forum kicks off its "Pacino's 70s" program today with screenings of "The Godfather." The whole weekend is devoted to Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece mafia saga, with "The Godfather Part II" showing tomorrow and a double feature running on Sunday. (Sorry folks, 1990's "Part III" didn't fit the retrospective's bill.)

The series runs through Thursday, and also includes a trio of movies that showcase '70s New York in all its grimy glory along with Pacino's expert acting. Naturalistic heroin drama "The Panic In Needle Park" was written by Joan Didion and Gregory Dunne and marked Pacino's big screen debut in 1971. Sidney Lumet's classic crime thrillers "Dog Day Afternoon" and "Serpico"--Pacino scored Best Actor nominations for both--are also revived. 1979 courtroom film "...And Justice For All" and the character study "Scarecrow" complete the review of the decade in which Pacino started out unknown and wound up with five Oscar nominations.

(Full schedule and ticket info here.)

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