Osteria Morini Introduces Real Italian Grandma Desserts, Savory Pastry Pockets

In this week's Class Photo, AltaMarea Group pastry chef Heather Bertinetti told The Feast that she's testing Italian "grandma's classic desserts" for the opening of Osteria Mornini in October. For her part, that means painstakingly authentic versions of zuppa inglese and tiramisu. "I’m just excited because it’s a challenge for me to have to stay in a realm of Emilia-Romagna," she explains. "People are used to Italian American desserts but these are straight outta Italy."

As she sifts through old-school recipes, Bertinetti's staying true to ingredients and extracts. "Alchermes for instance is like a bright red liqueur they put in zuppa inglese. I had to source it out," she notes. Another dessert that might not look familiar: "Tiramisu in Italy has orange marmalade where in America we do coffee."

Where Bertinetti and chef Michael White are branching out is for breakfast. There are already plans for muffins and scones in the morning, and the team came up with savory pastry pockets called "Tascas," which will be filled with anything from cheddar to vegetables.  "I’m sautéing mushrooms and spinach and making Béchamel," gushes Bertinetti. That's our kind of Hot Pocket. [The Feast]

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