Opening Ceremony, Project No. 8 to Open at Ace Hotel

If the Ace Hotel was aiming to be the most cool-with-a-capital-C spot in town with its Spotted Pig offshoot, the Breslin, and a Stumptown coffee outpost, the final step would be getting two of the top indie boutiques to set up shop downstairs.

Racked did some digging around the January Flatiron BID newsletter and found the news that the Ace will be adding two stores to its lineup in February -- Project No. 8, which will take up 750 square feet on the 29th Street side, and Opening Ceremony, which will get a whopping 1500 square feet on the Broadway side of the hotel.

Needless to say, the shops seem to be a perfect counterpoint to the ultra-hip and stylish crowd the hotel seeks to draw in with its mix of vintage-inspired, old sophisticate decor and laid-back, West Coast vibe. Should the new shopping locales draw in the sought-after variety of fashion-forward scenesters that currently frequent Project No. 8 and Opening Ceremony's far-downtown outposts, it could certainly revitalize the scene at 29th and Broadway, as well.

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