One to Watch: Seventy Two Changes

If you're up on your Mandopop (we wish we could say we were!), designer Jolin Tsai of the recently debuted line, Seventy Two Changes, is likely a familiar name.  Tsai's a musical sensation in her native Taiwan but seems to be set on making a name for herself in fashion as well.

Fall '09 is definitely homage to Tsai's rock roots, music and dance sited as a strong influence, (i.e. lots of leggings, exposed zippers, sequins, and plaid).  Most striking are the pencil skirts and jackets that are cut just the way we like 'em (shrunken and cropped). 

Each piece seems to have that one surprising element that instantaneously stylizes it and makes it appear far more expensive than it actually is like sequin band detailing on the shoulder of a black blazer or an asymmetrical zipper on a high waist skirt.  The prices are mostly below the $300.00 mark (most pieces seem to hover between $150 - $225).  For a debut we've got to say that we're kind of impressed with the pop star's work and are anticipating more good things to come from the line.

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