On Fourth Avenue They Ask: Gowanus or Park Slope?

Where does Park Slope end and Gowanus begin? For a while the (extended) dividing ling has been Fourth Avenue. Areas on the east side of the street (where developments like the Novo Park Slope are located) are considered to be in Park Slope. Areas on the west side (where Hotel Le Bleu and the Argyle sit are thought to be in Gowanus. And, so the following conversation as related by TRE:

"I don't think we live in Park Slope," my roommate said to me one evening, sitting at the kitchen table in our new walk-up. "I think we live in Go-anus. I don't even know how you pronounce that."

Still, there is continued Park Slope Creep in the direction of the Gowanus Canal, with the most notable example of embracing the Park Slope name being the Argyle Park Park Slope, with whose proclaimed location we've had our share of fun. The building is 70 percent sold and the senior managing director of Cororan Sunshine explains: "We named our building the Argyle Park Slope because we think it is in Park Slope, which is mostly a residential neighborhood. And with Gowanus, people think of the industrial uses or maybe the artistic uses."
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