On the Calendar: Winter Restaurant Week

Plan to be hungry for prix-fixe goodness starting January 25

As with Fashion Week, sometimes, it can feel like life in New York is one long Restaurant Week – not that we’re complaining, and are you going to finish that?

Dates have just been released for Winter Restaurant Week, so mark your calendars: January 25 through February 7, three-course lunches and dinners at select restos all over town will run you $24.07 and $35 (sans tax) respectively. No definitive list of who’s participating yet – though if history serves, expect more than 250 restaurants to crowd the list, with your usual suspects front and center (Le Cirque, Delmonico’s) -- and no word on whether they plan to “spontaneously” extend Restaurant Week to Restaurant Month like they did this (and last) year.

When we get dates for open reservation lines, we'll let you know -- meantime, you can follow updates from NYCGo on Twitter.

In dining math, that means you have roughly three weeks between the end of the holiday season’s caloric onslaught and the beginning of Winter Eating Season. Good luck with that.

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