On the Calendar: Nigella Lawson Saves “Christmas”

The Brit kitchen goddess warms your chestnuts at a booksigning for her seasonal tome

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Have we mentioned lately how much we love Nigella Lawson? If there was a “Which celebrity chef are you?” quiz floating around the interwebs, we’re pretty sure we’d score 100% Nigella.

She readily cops to being lazy (and we’ve happily embraced her don’t-peel-the-garlic M.O.), extols the virtues of butter on everything (we couldn’t agree more – we’re slathering the stuff on our keyboard right now), and likes to pop down to the fridge for a midnight snack (who doesn’t?).

“Nigella Christmas” ($35, Hyperion), her book on getting through the holidays with ease and sparkle has just been released in the U.S., and it’s really more of a manifesto for entertaining – if not for living – than a cookbook. Nigella gets how insane the holidays are, and approaches them with the perfect mix of reverence for tradition and empathy for those just trying to make it to January, perhaps best embodied by the recipe for Boozy British Trifle.

Come and feel the food-love when she hosts a booksigning for the tome on Wednesday, December 2.

Nigella Lawson Meet and Greet for “Nigella Christmas”
December 2, 2009, 7PM
Barnes & Noble, 150 East 86th Street, 212-369-2180
More information here

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