On Sale Now: Christian Louboutin's Barbie

Christian Louboutin's exclusively-designed Barbie -- complete with cat burglar ensemble, those buzzed-over skinnier ankles, and several pairs of custom four-inch heels -- is now available for $150 on Net-a-Porter.com.

As you may recall, Christian Louboutin is playing "godfather" to Barbie for this year, unveiling a series of exclusive dolls throughout the next year -- kicking off with this sexy "jewel heist" Barbie -- as well as a book detailing his myriad adventures with the world's most famous blond.

For those who are great lovers of Louboutin -- or, for that matter, great lovers of Barbie -- the doll makes a pretty exceptional gift, considering it comes with several pair of custom, doll-size Louboutins: one hot pink heel, one leopard-print boot, and one black bootie, all with their own red shoe bags and boxes. Look for the next series of dolls to become available in 2010!

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