OMG: The Lehman Brothers Store

Where to begin.

It what seems in a bizarre effort to make good on the $250 billion worth of lost assets in Lehman Brother's monumental collapse, the company has decided to take aggressive action: peddling $25 t-shirts, canvas totes, and umbrellas emblazoned with the company logo and originally manufactured for the company as freebies. In keeping with their trademark modesty, they're finding rather ho-hum outlets to attract the hordes of shoppers: eBay (for sale, not auction, with tag lines like "Own a piece of history") and a retail store opening next week in their Sixth Avenue offices.

A spokeswoman for The Lehman Store (as it's aptly titled on eBay), Kimberly Macleod, declared that the company is "... really excited to be able to offer this to the public because there is a demand."    

There's "a demand"? Oh, really. A demand for what?  Death threats? Social Alienation? Misanthropy?

It is our pleasure to ask the tough questions:

A. What's the overhead on this little venture? We're pretty sure it's overhead either equal to their daily sales (the highest priced item we found on ebay was a leather duffel bag for $39.99) or ... hark, under, which brings us back to the whole "debt" situation.

B.  If these items are considered novelty (translation: gag gifts), which could perhaps attract some sick minded shopper, shouldn't this have waited until holiday season?  At least the wounds would be slightly less fresh and, it's true, some people enjoy throwing money around irresponsibly at that time of year.  Sigh.

C.  Is there a way to carry or wear this merchandise ironically?  (Um ... no.)

Don't take our word for it -- shop the Lehman Brother store on eBay for yourself.

The Lehman Brother Store is located at 1271 Sixth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets (Opening next week)

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