R&B Star Omarion Brings His Mom to the Club

Omarion, drawing legions of female fans in sky-high heels and weather-defying mini-skirts, showed up to his late-night, star-studded album release party with an unusual date: his mom.

The R&B star and alum of the early-aughties boy band B2K arrived at Element around 1 a.m. to celebrate the release of his third solo album "Ollusion" with a mammoth entourage in tow. He made his way to the VIP section where hangers-on and fans rushed to catch a glimpse of the artist, who perched on a banquette and bopped along to the speaker-shaking hip hop while posing graciously for pictures.

A trio of the city's marquee hip hop and R&B selectors -- DJ Envy, DJ Clue and DJ Self -- warmed up the crowd before he arrived.

Omarion surprised an unsuspecting female fan on the dancefloor about an hour later. The two rocked for a few minutes in relative peace, but as soon as the rest of the crowd realized the guest of honor was two-stepping in its midst a gaggle of fans surrounded the star.

He welcomed the phalanx of fans and started an impromptu pop-locking challenge with some local dancers as the pulse of Rihanna's "Hard" blared over the speakers. After bumping and grinding with a few other female fans, Omarion headed back to the lofty heights of the balcony's VIP section.

Even with two, chart-topping solo albums and years in the spotlight at the breakneck pace of the celebrity lifestyle, Tuesday night, Omarion was just another 20-something living it up in downtown NYC.

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