Olivia Palermo Hits Bottom: Stars on Hills Spin-Off

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

If you are excited about "The Hills" New York spin-off "The City," you are either actively rooting for the demise of television, an alcoholic who is hooked on reality show drinking games, or about to win a bet that no show could ever be worse than the dating show,"Momma's Boys" (if you don't win that bet, there's always "Bromance.") "The City" premieres on Dec 29 on MTV (and, if you are keeping score, so does Brody Jenner's aforementioned quest to replace "Bro" Spencer Pratt "Flavor of Love"-style, "Bromance").

The glory of this show will not be Whitney Port stumbling drunkenly through the Meatpacking District hollering for a cab to drive her to the Spotted Pig, oh no. Thanks to a clip posted on People.com we now know that, glory of glories, the joy of the series will be Whitney stumbling drunkenly through the Meatpacking District arm-in-arm with socialite Olivia Palermo (remember how she  supposedly sent a bitchy email to all the other socialites calling them out but it was just some blogger?) and hollering for a cab to take them to the Waverly. It sort of makes you wish Wilhelmina, er, Diane Von Furstenberg would just fire them all.

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